I’m a copywriter from Melbourne, Australia. Earlier this year, in the midst of my wife and I discussing the prospect of having children in a few years time, she fell unexpectedly pregnant. I started this blog when she was about 7 months along to begin sharing my pre, and now post-fatherhood experiences.

You can also follow my ramblings on twitter @wheelswordsmith.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for your visit to my Blog. As an Elementary secretary in a small rural school, typing and filing is probably the least I do. Your description of your little one with a sinus infection, was so vivid, I shivered thinking I was back in my office during cold and flu season! Yes, kids are pretty tough, but I hold the green, “must not return to school” pass they all secretly long for! Enjoy your baby girl…you are right, biohazard when the little ones get together in one accord! Thanks again for the knock on my door:)


      1. Smile, laugh, giggle!! Yes, you are exactly right!! If they do “blow one” pass me, only to have their parent to call saying they are jumping around the house miraculously healed, it’s their last “get to go home” free pass for the year! And yes, one gets me every year. I can be a softy for a kid with a cold!


  2. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog.
    So far I’ve enjoyed exploring your site and looking forward to reading more of your “ramblings”.

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