Throwback Thursday : The Announcement

I’ve decided to bring some #TBT, or Throwback Thursdays, to the blog.

There are a hell of a lot more followers on Dad of Frankenstein now than when I started the blog, so I thought it worthwhile to resurrect some older posts for those who haven’t dug as deep.

For the first TBT however, I thought I’d post my ‘baby announcement’.

Announcing that you’re having a baby has become a bit of a ‘thing’ as of late, with people going to clever and humorous lengths, as well as the incredibly creepy and bizarre.

Mostly, it seems that people go for a visually driven announcement. This can be tactfully done, like some of the below examples.


Combining a clever idea with an impeccably timed photo is a winning combination.


Embracing your inner nerd, or whatever you’re into, can produce some funny ideas.

creative-pregnancy-announcement-card-21__605 Or, maybe you’re more artistic. (Or a hipster.)

However, there are instances where some people should have simply stuck with something straight, as their attempts at creativity unwittingly stray deep into the realms of weird.


Any concept that involves Miley Cyrus is probably a bad idea.


Yeah… no guns.



Being a writer, I stuck to words. And there’s nothing like the simplicity of subtle deception.

I made an unassuming Facebook post that quickly went bananas as soon as people cottoned on.

For years I’ve been agonising over whether we should get a dog. We’ve never really had much yard space, and I tend to lean towards wanting something like a Staffy over a lap dog. Then there’s the whole ‘what happens if you want to go away’ issue. It’s a tricky one. I just want a rad dog that I can teach mad ass tricks to. Now that we have a bit of outdoor space, and live right across the road from the park, it seemed that an inevitable decision would be made.

I will not be getting a dog, because we are having a baby, so I’ll just teach that some tricks instead.


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