It’s Becoming… A PERSON

It’s been well over a month since my last blog post, due to a hectic workload, and the Frankster jetting off to Canada with her Mum again. She’s a regular Bronwyn Bishop. The flight attendants must all know her by name now. She was recently accepted into the Frequent Flyers club, so the next time we travel she’ll be able to sneak us into that room with the fancy chairs and complimentary croissants.

This time around, the trip was almost 5 weeks. Given how rapidly she’s growing, that’s a pretty long stint. A lengthy separation is always tough, but by the same token, my wife doesn’t get to see her side of the family often, and by extension neither does Frankie. Marrying someone from another country requires constant sacrifice, but, that’s also what strong relationships are about. And, if your child is going to be a hybrid, an Aussie/Canuck isn’t a half bad combo.

One of the beauties of the modern era is how readily available, and easily transmissible, photo and video are. Staying up to date on Frankie’s progress was made easy by the wonders of technology, but of course, nothing is the same as being there. But it is pretty cool, that despite being in the opposite hemisphere, I can watch Frankie roll around the floor, or eat her first waffle, from my desk at work. (I will note that she was being indoctrinated by the Northerners with Cheerios and waffles, so I made sure to feed her Vegemite as soon as she was home to restore balance to the Force.)

Frankie most certainly came back a completely different baby. Firstly, she’s bigger, stronger and heavier. It’s more of an effort to lug her around, and throwing and lifting her in the air is a genuine workout. The upside being that I will soon be sporting pythons that could outgun Rambo. Pushing off the floor is no longer an effort, so a large portion of her time is spent imitating the Sphinx, and mastering ‘cobra pose’ far better than I ever could. I’m about as flexible as Donald Trump’s stance on Mexican immigration.

And where her sense of balance used to resemble a one-legged rollerskater on an oil slick, she now sits up on her own like a happy little Buddha. Crawling hasn’t quite come yet, but she can pivot on a dime, so it’s only a matter of time. Baby-proofing should be interesting, as I have a penchant for leaving things on the floor, and the cabling behind the TV and stereo looks like a violently unresolved octopus fight.

One of the most notable advances is in how engaged she is with her surroundings. Her head moves on a swivel, as she attempts to see and hear (and taste, considering just about everything goes in her mouth) the world going on around her. There’s not a moment to be missed, and conversely, she often wants to be the moment that the rest of us shouldn’t be missing. She’s already the rock star of the family, and she can’t even talk yet.

Giggling, screeching, smiling, singing, each and every day gives us a new glimpse into her budding little character. We used to joke that she had a very highbrow sense of humour, as it was near impossible to pull a laugh out of her. She was about as likely to laugh as the audience of any Adam Sandler movie made in the last 12 years. Whereas now, a simple game of peekaboo is absolutely hilarious.

To summarise… the little lump with arms and legs I once knew is becoming A PERSON. And I can’t wait to see what kind of a person she will be. Until the teenage years, I imagine, where I’ll likely want to throw her out the window.

This post was a bit of a recap after a hiatus, I’ll try and keep them more topical (and funny) moving forward.

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