Wardrobe Malfunctions

The second word gets out that a baby girl is on the way, you’ll find yourself drowning in a sea of pink. Pyjamas, wondersuits, socks, dresses, pants, bibs…  ALL PINK. It’s as if Katie Price put her entire wardrobe on the wrong laundry setting and catastrophically shrunk it.

This pounding typhoon of pastel will be thrust upon you by the ‘baby boomer’ generation, your parents and aunties/uncles, as they were raised to sternly believe that girls wear pink and boys wear blue. Funnily enough, prior to the 1940’s, pink was considered a ‘strong’ colour and subsequently associated with boys, while blue was thought to be ‘dainty’, and thus bestowed upon girls. A change in tone from manufacturers and marketers lead to a paradigm shift that has lasted the best part of a century.

Then, of course, there’s the ‘frilly’ stuff. I guarantee you, someone will give you some bizarre looking frilly dress that looks like it belongs on the set of Downton Abbey, rather than be worn by an infant. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that keeping a baby comfortable is more important than having them look like an extra from Pride & Prejudice.

I’ve never had much success following rules, always tending to do my own thing, and I’ll encourage Frankie to do the same as she gets older. Besides, girls have been told what to like and how to dress for long enough. I’m excited that Frankie will get to grow up in a world that is at long last empowering women to do and think as they please.

Now, obviously the Frankster can’t make any decisions of her own at this point, so for the time being she’s stuck with whatever Mum and Dad choose. We haven’t followed any prescribed colours or content ‘for girls’, instead we’ve just gone with stuff that we think is cool as shit. Like dinosaurs and robots. Hell I would still wear pyjamas with dinosaurs on them now if they made them for adults.

For example, Frankie’s pram liner has sugar skulls all over it, kind of like this design below. You can’t get any more badass than having skulls on your pram. michael_miller_house_designer_dots_adorable_dots_in_multi (Quick plug, we got it from harmonyj.com.au, and I can vouch for the quality.)

I will admit that Mum is better at coordinating an outfit than I am, and is generally in charge of Frankie’s wardrobe, but sometimes, on the rare occasion, Dad is allowed to pick the outfit. And that is where we get to have lots of fun by picking the craziest outfit we can find. Maybe something a little like this. 11059319_10152742636245044_664085645742940083_n Frankie seems pretty stoked, and we have matching hoodies! And once she is old enough to start deciding things for herself, I’d like to think that I’ll be the Dad who is more than happy take on the supermarket with either Batgirl or a Ballerina in tow.


18 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunctions

  1. I had a friend who, when announcing she was Preg with a girl, said “no pink, no funny sayings on shirts, no lace, etc.). People pretty much ignored her. When you are flying through 10 outfits a day, spit up cares not for which color it splatters. We have three girls and I love buying boy clothes. The patterns are way more interesting. That outfit in your pic is perfect!!

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  2. Love the T-shirt! We put things in my little girl that I saved from her brother- also PJs with dinosaurs, a stripy Skull tshirt. I also think babies are sorta comfortable in sleepsuits so some days I just throw a clean one of those on!

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    1. The less layers and components, the better, in more regards I’d say. It’s like people that put outfits on their pets… I’m pretty sure that the fact that they’ve survived without them for eternity is a sign they don’t need them.

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  3. Ha ha ha! I love this. Mine is currently a house of girls, and it is rather refreshing that my older daughter is crazy about turquoise and my youngest loves her Superman t-shirt. I love that they are both just as comfortable in a pair of pink ballet slippers as they are in sneakers and basketball shorts.

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      1. I completely agree…love the pram pattern, by the way.

        I am currently struggling on finding answers to the questions “Mom, why do boys play baseball, and girls have to play softball?” and “Why isn’t there a girls’ football team?” (American footbal)

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      2. Yeah it’s a tough one, hopefully things will improve. In Australia, our football (AFL) is full contact with no protective gear, so in the past there hasn’t been a lot of support for girls to play, but in recent years more of a focus has been placed on encouraging girls to play the game. Part of this involves reducing the physicality for both boys and girls in the younger years, which has ruffled some feathers of course.

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  4. Love this! Whenever I leave my husband to dress our little girl, I look forward to coming back to see what he has put together! Guaranteed he goes for the most random mismatched things in the wardrobe, but she always looks pretty cool! This t shirt is amazing by the way! Great Blog, will start following!

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  5. Haha! Made in Vagina 😀 Aah that’s a goodun that is.

    Your baby is exceptionally cute, sir. You must be simply overcome with warm fuzzy feelings every time you look at her!

    Methinks it’s time to poke a hole in the condom . . .

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