They See Me Strollin’, They Hatin’


When it comes to getting a new set of wheels, I take this shit seriously. Only suckers go for the base model, this mean piece of machinery is the Baby Jogger City Mini. ‘GT’ edition. That’s right, you are looking at the Gran Turismo of prams. It comes with a sunroof, 5″ alloy wheels fitted with all-terrain tyres, reclinable seat, reinforced suspension, and most importantly, some motherfucking cup holders. It’s super important to stay hydrated.

Not to be seen as a mere sheep in wolf’s clothing, this black panther goes from 0-10 km/h in 16 seconds and was the fastest pram clocked around the famed Nurburgring, passing the line at an astounding 4 hours, 37 minutes and 5 seconds.

Not everyone can handle a piece of equipment like this, but I used to skate and snowboard a bit, so I’ve naturally picked up this pramming thing pretty quickly. Just today I landed this sick one-handed wheelie over the St Kilda St bridge. I’m looking into adding some grind plates and pegs to the wheels, as well as popping in some ABEC 7’s, before heading down to the local bowl & half-pipe.


Prammers don’t seem to get the respect on the street that they deserve. We’re not seen as being rad enough to hang, which is ridiculous when kids these days are getting about on those mini scooter things with impunity. Imagine rocking into the Sailyards on one of those back in the day. You wouldn’t make it out alive.

This is why I plan to push the envelope. To take pramming into a new stratosphere. Like Tony Hawk did for skating when he landed the 900, or Carey Hart with the motocross backflip, I will etch my name into the annals of history as the first extreme prammer to land some next level insane shit. Like a sweet fakie wall ride, manual out. Maybe while not wearing pants. I’m not sure on the details yet.


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